He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Daisies are beautiful,

And so are you.

I’ve always loved daisies. So to change things up a bit on this Valentine’s Day, here are a few facts and the benefits of this beautiful and wild flower.

  1. Daisies are found everywhere on earth except Antartica.
  2. The name ‘daisy’ is thought to come from the Old English ‘daes eag’ meaning ‘day’s eye’, after the way in which it opens at dawn.
  3. A daisy is actually two flowers in one.
  4. Daisy leaves are edible. A tasty additions to salads, they are closely related to artichoke and are high in Vitamin C.
  5. Daisies have lots of medicinal properties. They are thought to slow bleeding, relieve indigestions and ease coughs. In homeopathy, the garden daisy is known as the gardener’s friend for its ability to ease an aching back.

By: Rebecca Louise | Realife Co


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