Life has its Ups and Downs. We call them squats.

Yesterday, a girlfriend and I were swapping workout ideas and she mentioned one to me that I can’t believe I haven’t heard of. It really is a great way to start getting your “girl boss” booty, legs and core into shape and possibly lose that unwanted winter weight.

When it comes to losing weight and getting toned, this trick actually works. Take into consideration this little fact: the average woman pees six to eight times in a twenty-four hour period, so that’s about five to seven times while you’re awake. And if you drink a ton of water each day like I do, your visits might be more like 10-15 times a day. This is definitely a case of “the more the merrier” or should I say, “the more the derriere”!

This means you have six to ten plus opportunities to fit in a little fitness. Every time you hit the bathroom, whether it’s to pee or touch up your lipstick, do the workout below. If you have 5 minutes to scroll through your social media than you have a minute or two to think about your health and getting into shape. #noexcuses

10 SQUATS (Squats have been blamed for being destructive to your knees, but research shows that when done correctly, squats actually improve knee stability and strengthen connective tissue.)

  • Stand with your feet just over shoulder width apart.
  • Keep your back straight and your knees centered over your feet.
  • Be sure to keep your head up and chest out.
  • Slowly bend your knees lowering until you reach a 90-degree angle.
  • Imagine pushing your hips and butt back while keeping your weight loaded into the heels and outer foot.
  • Return to starting position using your heels to push into the floor.

And your done! Minimally, this adds up to 60 squats. That’s a pretty decent workout for not hitting the gym.

Hey Girl Boss…Slow Progress in Better than No Progress. Keep going.


Rebecca Louise | Realife Co


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