Headphones On. World Off.

I don’t think we need a doctor or scientist to tell us how music influences our workout. It’s pretty simple; good music equals good workout. Music is a mood enhancer so depending on the beat of your music, it can help you perform repetitive motions, get your heart rate up as you cycle, or help you cool down after a rigourous stair master session.

Your playlist can set the pace for your exercise routine. You’ll most likely work harder and your playlist will provide a distraction while doing 100 of your least favorite reps. Mine happen to be triceps but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! After all, Spring is around the corner and who doesn’t love a sexy, sleeveless dress.

Whatever your reasons is…blast that music and work it out!

Here is a short playlist I use when I know my day is going to be busy, but a quick workout is better than no workout. It’s only about 15 minutes with a 3 minute cool down. Your mind, body and soul are worth 20 minutes out of your busy day.

Learn How To Live – Alice Merton
Like That – Bea Miller
Heroes – Alesso
Miss Me More – Kelsey Ballerina
On His Knees – Danny Elfman

Now take a deep breath and Embrace the Ride….you’re worth it!

Rebecca Louise | Realife Co.



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