Laugh Yoga: A Way to Better Health

You might question this type of yoga but it is a real thing and has proven to not only increase happiness, but it can also strengthen the immune system, reduce pain and lower stress. What is it you ask? It is called Laugh Yoga. You just giggled didn’t you. See? It’s working already and soon you’ll be laughing your way to better health.

According to Laughter Yoga University, I bet you’re laughing again at the thought, laugh yoga is based on the concept that voluntary laughter can provide the same health 
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benefits as spontaneous laughter. Visit  www.laughteryoga.org to watch their video and if it doesn’t make you laugh or at least smile, I don’t know what will. You do not have to master any traditional yoga postures. That alone should have you jumping for joy. You simply need to laugh.

Laugh yoga  can increase oxygen intake and blood flow, improve blood vessel function, and can lower blood pressure. All this helps protect your heart, boost energy, dissolve stress, and allows you to gain focus. Think of laugh yoga as a complement to low-impact cardio.

We don’t laugh enough. Start with a smile, then a giggle, and before you know it the room will be filled with chuckles, hearty laughs and howling hoots. Laugh yoga classes promise to make us all laugh harder, more deeply, and more fully than we’ve ever laughed before.

Rebecca Louise | Realife Co.


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