The Smell of the Beach Never Gets Old

I’ve got a secret to tell you. It’s the BEST scented soap and body lotion. Okayyyyy, not the juiciest secret but definitely one that has a scent that is impeccable. With shea butter, aloe, and botanical ingredients, it will please your skin and your senses.

You know when you’re in a room and someone smells good and you’re like…where is that? Below is a scent I wish they sold in a body mist or perfume but for now I will continue to enjoy this delicate, fresh and beachy scent when I was wash my hands or slather their lotion on my body.

Every single person who has come into my home and tried this soap or lotion has commented how incredibly fresh it smells. So when you can’t be at the beach or just want the lingering scent of an unforgettable beach day, give Michel Design Works, Beach Scent a try….it won’t disappoint you.

Rebecca Louise | Realife Co.

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