My REALIFE blog is about REALly loving yourself and I found the best way to do that is to start from the inside and slowly work your way to the surface. For me, good health and inner beauty lead to knowledge and confidence. Those two things can help you live a more positive and compassionate life. My REALIFE as been inspired by many beautiful women who you’ll meet along the way. They support me and will always be honest with me. They keep me real by being real.

I like to reference ‘girl boss” a lot. That doesn’t mean you have to own your own Fortune 500 Company, although that is pretty cool! It means to take control of your life which for some (me included) is not easy but when you do, you become happy for others and support them. Nothing moves forward if you continually point the finger.

We all have a lot to learn and that should excite you. When you stop learning, you start dying so Embrace The Ride with me and keep life real, hopeful and fun. We’re all worth it! Feel free to contact me so we can all learn how to become a REALIFE “girl boss”.

Rebecca Louise