Vacation Time!

It’s the first day of June and that means only 21 days till the official start of summer and we all know what that means: VACATION TIME! Relaxing in the warm weather, enjoy the beach with friends and family and swimming in warm ocean. Before you start reading my blog today, take a few seconds and think about this, “How many items do you bring on vacation that can poison the ocean and the seafood we eat?”

While doing my research, I came across an enormous amount of articles trying to get the point across to consumers that clothing materials and cosmetics can be harmful to us and our oceans. New studies show that the tiny, little fibers in our clothing that nobody thinks about are poisoning our waterways and the destroying our food chain. These little, tiny threads that shed from fabrics are called microfibers. A large amount of them have been found on the coastline where water waste has been discharged. There are different types of microfibers that exist such as synthetic microfibers. They have a high risk of poisoning the food chain because of their size which allows fish to willingly eat them.

Micro beads, also known as micro plastic, which are used in personal care products and cosmetics, were recently banned in the United States because they contained these tiny enemies. This law was aimed to protect the nation’s waterways and ban any products that contain the micro beads. REMEMBER, some species of ocean can mistake the plastic beads for food. A recent report came out from the United National Environment Programme (UNEP) that determined most of the plastics in cosmetics and personal care products contained non-degradable polymers. These products take up to 100 years to breakdown - that’s not good for anyone or anything!  Let’s help each other out and be more conscious of what we put on our skin and into our oceans…it will make a difference!

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