Introduction to Realife Co Blogger

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! My name is Maria and I will be blogging for Realife Co this summer. My goal is to educate people about our beaches and marine life.  Realife Co. is located along the coast in New Jersey and promotes environmental awareness.  by educating us about how the fashion world can effect our environment. I will go into depth to help their customer base realize why it is important to be aware of what you are wearing. I will also be instilling why plant and sea life at the beach needs to stay abundant and what we can do to help so it thrives. Believe it or not, how we shop will has a huge impact on our beaches and marine life.

You might not know that the waste from clothing is very tiny but can build up and cause serious problems. Think about how many people are in the world and how much clothing they have….. a lot!  Did you know microfibers are poisoning our waterways and our food chain?  Recycling is a big issue that also effects the ocean. I will be talking what part of the ocean the plastic and microfibers are found in.

The purpose of this blog is to have consumers understand the consequences about what fast fashion and textile waste is doing to our environment, how that waste gets to the ocean, and what we can all do to “embrace the ride” to a healthier environment. See you all next week!

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