World Oceans Day

Let's get REAL,

Buy clothes you love because sometimes less is more even in the fashion world. Before you go out and buy the newest fashions, you need to stop and think about what that neon pink bathing suit, bright orange jacket, or five pair of perfect jeans are doing to our environment and oceans.

Fast fashion concentrates on speed and low costs, especially when transporting new collections of clothing that has been inspired by celebrities. People try to get the clothing to the stores as soon as possible. By doing that they have to cut some corners and disobey the environmental laws that are put in place.  Fast fashion has severe negative environmental impacts such as water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals  and increasing levels of textile waste. Did you know that the worst type of clothing for the environment is bright, vibrant colors. To have the colors so bright, they use toxic chemicals which happens to be the second largest polluter of clean water throughout the world with agriculture being the first. 

Being that polyester is the most used fabric for clothing, it is also the worst when it comes time to do laundry.  As I said in last week's blog, they shed microfibres which add more plastic to our oceans. These microfibres are so small that no matter what they can easily pass through sewage and wastewater treatment plants. AND ARE NOT biodegradable.

So next time you see your favorite celebrity wearing the latest vibrant color and claiming how soft and cozy it is, wonder if they know what it affects besides their wallet.

World Oceans Day was this week  and celebrating awareness about the ocean and it's life is very important. We are all connected and celebrating World Oceans Day EVERYDAY brings awareness about conserving the most abundant resource on this plant and the one resource we cannot live without.

Shop with awareness and Embrace the Ride to a healthier world!

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