Time for Progress, Not Perfection

Swimsuit season is around the corner. Erase the the words “bikini body” from your vocabulary. Let’s call it “confident body”. When you feel good, you look good and exercising can help you achieve your “confident body”. I enjoy the challenge to stay in shape. The older you get, the harder it gets, but don’t you ever give up. Staying in shape has a multitude of  benefits other than just looking good; living longer, sharper mind, reduce blood pressure, sleep better, and confidence.  There is a laundry list of benefits so let’s get to it because it’s never too late.  Below are some starter tips to achieving your “confident body”.

  1. Strength Training: The more muscle you can add to your body, the more fat you will burn. A lot of women may worry that lifting weights will cause you to bulk up. Women have far less testosterone in their bodies and as a result won’t become big just more lean and toned.
  2. Don’t focus on your problem areas. Try to train all your muscles equally. If you only focus on your abs or upper arms, you might develop problems with your posture. Alternating between different muscle groups can help train all your muscles evenly.
  3. I hate cardio but it’s important. Start with 10-20 minutes a day and you’ll be surprised the outcome. You’ll want to do more when you see the results. It doesn’t have to be running; rowing, cycling, and my favorite jumping rope are good for cardio. Jumping Rope is not as easy as it looks and gives you an awesome workout.
  4. Eat healthy! After all you can’t out exercise a bad diet.

Following these simple steps and have patience. Remember, beauty starts in the head, not in the mirror.

Rebecca Louise | Realife


Laugh Yoga: A Way to Better Health

You might question this type of yoga but it is a real thing and has proven to not only increase happiness, but it can also strengthen the immune system, reduce pain and lower stress. What is it you ask? It is called Laugh Yoga. You just giggled didn’t you. See? It’s working already and soon you’ll be laughing your way to better health.

According to Laughter Yoga University, I bet you’re laughing again at the thought, laugh yoga is based on the concept that voluntary laughter can provide the same health 
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benefits as spontaneous laughter. Visit  www.laughteryoga.org to watch their video and if it doesn’t make you laugh or at least smile, I don’t know what will. You do not have to master any traditional yoga postures. That alone should have you jumping for joy. You simply need to laugh.

Laugh yoga  can increase oxygen intake and blood flow, improve blood vessel function, and can lower blood pressure. All this helps protect your heart, boost energy, dissolve stress, and allows you to gain focus. Think of laugh yoga as a complement to low-impact cardio.

We don’t laugh enough. Start with a smile, then a giggle, and before you know it the room will be filled with chuckles, hearty laughs and howling hoots. Laugh yoga classes promise to make us all laugh harder, more deeply, and more fully than we’ve ever laughed before.

Rebecca Louise | Realife Co.

The Fountain of Juice

As promised (per my Instagram story) here are some SUPER EASY beauty brews a.k.a healthy juice recipes to get you started juicing. Juicing has the ability to give your skin an all-natural healthy glow and energize your body. Packed with vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants eating more fruits and vegetables can change your life. You can’t go wrong with these simple recipes to get you started juicing. CHEERS to your health, beautiful!

Apple/Carrot Beauty Brew


  • 1 apple
  • 4 carrots
  • 1/2 cucumber, peeled
  • 1″ ginger root

Carrot/Orange Beauty Brew


  • 4 carrots
  • 2 oranges, peeled
  • 1″ginger root

Pineapple/Cucumber Beauty Brew


  • 1/4 pineapple
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 1 lemon, peeled

Wash your produce and add to juicer one at a time.
NOTE: Pears are always a good substitute if you don’t like pineapple.

Rebecca Louise | Realife Co


What Horses Teach Us

I spent half my life growing up around horses. On my grandmother’s horse farm I learned what it took to love these magnificent animals. My grandmother had a rule; if you wanted to ride, you had to do the work first. That included mucking out the stalls (there is nothing more humbling than cleaning gigantic piles of poop with a pitchfork), feeding the horses, brushing their coats and cleaning their hooves, polishing the tack, filling the water buckets; a laundry list of chores. When that was done, you could ride! When I think back, it was a ritual. Seeing the horses walk briskly towards me as I entered the paddock because they knew it was feeding time. When I would walk towards the stalls with them all around me, I could feel their energy. It was an unspoken connection. Cleaning their stalls as they chomped happily on hay, oats and sweet feed gave me a feeling of love, pride and responsibility. I will cherish those moments forever. We all had our favorite horses and mine was, Tattoo. Bridle and saddle securely on, it was time to ride. I tell you this story because I believe animals are a big part of who we become.

There are so many self-discipline habits that can make you a successful and happy person but I’ll keep it short and share five amazing traits I believe become habit when you grow up around horses or any animal that you need to care for.

  1. You’ll have a strong work ethic. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Develop relationships. Who isn’t a better person when you can bond in an unspoken way.
  3. Respect. A horse responds to who you are, how you feel, what you think, and what you do. Give them the same.
  4. Don’t be afraid. To be able to manage, manipulate, and train a large animal gives you a feeling of confidence.
  5. Stay humble. Have you ever fallen off a horse? They will wait patiently for you to brush yourself off and get back in the saddle.


Rebecca Louise | Realife Co

EFT – News or Nonsense?

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, also know as tapping is a simple method that blends Modern Psychology and Chinese Medicine. It works on the root cause of your issues and rewires limiting patterns and habits. By bringing positive emotions to pain, tapping supports you in replacing negative feelings with positive ones.

There are many reasons people don’t use tapping. They think the idea is weird or silly. It’s hard to remember, they can’t think of what to say, or think it’s pure nonsense. Tapping is not a magic bullet but can be a wonderful self-help tool that can be used in many situations to help improve your attitude. It might be worth the time to investigate this tool and learn how to use it. Tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system.

Think about this…Quantum physics says that as you go deeper and deeper into the workings of the atom, you see that there is nothing there – just energy waves. It says an atom is actually an invisible force field, a kind of miniature tornado, which emits waves of electrical energy.  So go ahead and give tapping a try this weekend. It just might work for you. Below is a short video on how to tap. What do you have to lose but negative energy!


Rebecca Louise | Realife Co.

Headphones On. World Off.

I don’t think we need a doctor or scientist to tell us how music influences our workout. It’s pretty simple; good music equals good workout. Music is a mood enhancer so depending on the beat of your music, it can help you perform repetitive motions, get your heart rate up as you cycle, or help you cool down after a rigourous stair master session.

Your playlist can set the pace for your exercise routine. You’ll most likely work harder and your playlist will provide a distraction while doing 100 of your least favorite reps. Mine happen to be triceps but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! After all, Spring is around the corner and who doesn’t love a sexy, sleeveless dress.

Whatever your reasons is…blast that music and work it out!

Here is a short playlist I use when I know my day is going to be busy, but a quick workout is better than no workout. It’s only about 15 minutes with a 3 minute cool down. Your mind, body and soul are worth 20 minutes out of your busy day.

Learn How To Live – Alice Merton
Like That – Bea Miller
Heroes – Alesso
Miss Me More – Kelsey Ballerina
On His Knees – Danny Elfman

Now take a deep breath and Embrace the Ride….you’re worth it!

Rebecca Louise | Realife Co.


Healthy Feet are Happy Feet

Reflexology: the application of  appropriate pressure to specific points on the hands, feet or ears to create real benefits to a person’s health. Reflexologists believe there are certain points that are connected energetically to specific organs and body parts through energy channels in the body. I am not a reflexologist, but I am a huge believer in energy and why I find reflexology so fascinating.

It’s always nice to be given a massage but when that is not an option, there are ways to give yourself a DIY mini-reflexology foot massage. A simple reflexology routine that works on your feet that can help you relax and drift off into sweet dreams. There are nearly 15,000 nerves in your feet and one of many reasons foot reflexology is so calming, soothing and effective.

Below is a foot massage in four easy steps:

  1. Relax your feet with simple relaxation techniques: pressing and squeezing, lightly slapping, gently kneading; whatever feels good. Finish by pressing and holding your thumb on the solar plexus point located in the center of the foot, about half-way between the toes and the heel.  It is one of the most powerful points in foot and hand reflexology.
  2. On the bottom of each foot walk your thumb up from the base of the heel to each toe (imagine your thumb is an inch worm inching its way up your foot).
  3. Another thumb press on the solar plexus point on both feet.
  4. End your ritual with a soft feather motion, lightly running your fingertips up and down and side to side of your feet, barely touching the skin. Repeat this several times as it is very soothing.

If you prefer to follow a youtube video, click the link. It is less than five minutes and very effective! Our feet are an important part of our health so kick your feet up and begin the ritual!


Rebecca Louise | Realife Co