Healthy Eating Reaps Bountiful Solutions #HERBS

My definition of HERBS above is why I always have a few in my kitchen. Right now I have  cilantro and parsley as you can see from the picture above. Can you tell which is which? I love fresh herbs and use them daily. From planting, watching them grow, picking them fresh to nibble on, to use when cooking, and we can’t forget all their extraordinary medicinal benefits. So grab your garden tools, get down on your knees, and start planting! I promise the end result will be rewarding.

Below are seven favorites that are easy to grow in your garden or containers if you don’t have the space. All the herbs below enjoy plenty of sunshine, who doesn’t, but can tolerate light shade. Don’t stress when planting. Enjoy the fresh air and getting dirty; it’s good for the soul. If all else fails, you can always run to your local garden store and hand pick your ready to use herbs to enjoy. No judgement here!

A go-to herb in the summer. Give it well-drained soil and you’ll be making pesto in no time. Be sure to pinch off any flower buds because once basil begins to flower, the leaf flavor declines.

A beautiful herb to plant in a pot to control growth. The small leaves are packed with flavor and perfect for topping homemade pizza.

A woody shrub with an unforgettable aroma and needle-like foliage that adds flavor to roasted potatoes and chicken dishes. The quickest way to kill container-grown rosemary is by watering it too much. It needs consistent moisture, not wet feet.

Looks beautiful when planted at the front of a container where the tiny leaves can mound over the edge of the pot. Don’t overwater; it’s drought-resistant making it easy to grow.

Love, love, love! It will quickly take over so grow mint in pots where its aggressive growth can be contained. Growing mint in your garden can help ward off ants and flies.

A favorite culinary herb used in sauces, salads, and soups. It also lessens the need for salt. Parsley makes a perfect garnish and it’s also good for you; it’s rich in iron and vitamins A and C.

Love it or hate it. Me, I can’t get enough of it. Cutting off the flower heads redirects the plant’s energy back into leaf and not flower or seed production. With Cinco de Mayo this weekend, what better way to celebrate than with a cilantro lime shrimp taco and tequila; the perfect pair but that’s for another post.

Rebecca Louise | Realife Co


Time for Progress, Not Perfection

Swimsuit season is around the corner. Erase the the words “bikini body” from your vocabulary. Let’s call it “confident body”. When you feel good, you look good and exercising can help you achieve your “confident body”. I enjoy the challenge to stay in shape. The older you get, the harder it gets, but don’t you ever give up. Staying in shape has a multitude of  benefits other than just looking good; living longer, sharper mind, reduce blood pressure, sleep better, and confidence.  There is a laundry list of benefits so let’s get to it because it’s never too late.  Below are some starter tips to achieving your “confident body”.

  1. Strength Training: The more muscle you can add to your body, the more fat you will burn. A lot of women may worry that lifting weights will cause you to bulk up. Women have far less testosterone in their bodies and as a result won’t become big just more lean and toned.
  2. Don’t focus on your problem areas. Try to train all your muscles equally. If you only focus on your abs or upper arms, you might develop problems with your posture. Alternating between different muscle groups can help train all your muscles evenly.
  3. I hate cardio but it’s important. Start with 10-20 minutes a day and you’ll be surprised the outcome. You’ll want to do more when you see the results. It doesn’t have to be running; rowing, cycling, and my favorite jumping rope are good for cardio. Jumping Rope is not as easy as it looks and gives you an awesome workout.
  4. Eat healthy! After all you can’t out exercise a bad diet.

Following these simple steps and have patience. Remember, beauty starts in the head, not in the mirror.

Rebecca Louise | Realife