Time for Progress, Not Perfection

Swimsuit season is around the corner. Erase the the words “bikini body” from your vocabulary. Let’s call it “confident body”. When you feel good, you look good and exercising can help you achieve your “confident body”. I enjoy the challenge to stay in shape. The older you get, the harder it gets, but don’t you ever give up. Staying in shape has a multitude of  benefits other than just looking good; living longer, sharper mind, reduce blood pressure, sleep better, and confidence.  There is a laundry list of benefits so let’s get to it because it’s never too late.  Below are some starter tips to achieving your “confident body”.

  1. Strength Training: The more muscle you can add to your body, the more fat you will burn. A lot of women may worry that lifting weights will cause you to bulk up. Women have far less testosterone in their bodies and as a result won’t become big just more lean and toned.
  2. Don’t focus on your problem areas. Try to train all your muscles equally. If you only focus on your abs or upper arms, you might develop problems with your posture. Alternating between different muscle groups can help train all your muscles evenly.
  3. I hate cardio but it’s important. Start with 10-20 minutes a day and you’ll be surprised the outcome. You’ll want to do more when you see the results. It doesn’t have to be running; rowing, cycling, and my favorite jumping rope are good for cardio. Jumping Rope is not as easy as it looks and gives you an awesome workout.
  4. Eat healthy! After all you can’t out exercise a bad diet.

Following these simple steps and have patience. Remember, beauty starts in the head, not in the mirror.

Rebecca Louise | Realife


11 Reasons To Drink Green Tea

GREEN TEA has impressive benefits for the skin and hair. The world continues to confirm the health advantages and longevity effects of green tea. Drinking green tea can be one of life’s simplest and rewarding pleasures.  Brew yourself a cup of green tea, pour into your favorite porcelain tea cup, sit back and read about all the amazing benefits green tea can add to your life.

  1. Maintain youthful skin structure and firmness
  2. Beneficial in helping the body’s metabolism to be more efficient
  3. Reduce rosacea redness, psoriasis, and dandruff
  4. Slowdown aging
  5. Fight inflammation
  6. Stimulate hair growth
  7. Fight acne and blackheads
  8. Soften and nourish the skin
  9. Protect against sun damage
  10. Treat puffy eyes and dark circles
  11. Fight liver spots and wrinkles

Try Newman’s Own Organic Green Tea where 100% profits go to charity!

Rebecca Louise | Realife Co.

Color is Power

Colors can change your mood, your behavior, your diet, and maybe even who you find attractive. Colors are a powerful tool and can be used to influence a physiological reaction as well as your performance. How people respond to different colors is very interesting.

Let’s take the psychology of PINK for instance. Pink is strongly associated with femininity with qualities that are often thought as feminine such as softness, nurturing and compassion. How does pink make you feel? Do you associate pink with joy and creativity giving you strong deep emotional feelings? Maybe you’re feeling a soft pink lipstick or lingerie to embrace your femininity?  Feeling refreshed like springtime flowers?  Hot pink to make you feel vivacious, full of character so you can conquer the day? Pink is just one color that will evoke your emotions.

At the end of the day, I believe in comes down to one thing; personal taste. How a person feels about a particular color can strongly influence what a person perceives and how they are perceived.  So if you feel like making a statement or maybe just want to sit back and feel nostalgic, below is a chart for you to have some fun with. Decide what color you’re feeling today.  After all, colors can speak louder than words.




Rebecca Louise | Realife Co